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So, I went to my High School class reunion this weekend, and it was great.

Had just as much fun at the gathering for classmates (mixer? drink up?) at Koot's Friday night as I did at the reception for classmates and their spouses at the Millennium on Saturday, but friday night was much cheaper. (good going, Koot's)

I saw people who mostly live in Anchorage (many in Seattle)that I never see anymore and was mostly happy to see them. I talked to several people who I didn't expect to see at all(high school drama star, kindergarten classmate) and that was cool.

Only one of my high school friends was in attendance, which was a little strange. I'm not in contact with any of them anymore.

I developed a quick spiel summarizing my life and acomplishments to date, which didn't really say that much about me, but hey, it was a grip-and-grin.

After the reception/what-have-you on saturday, we went out to the Anchor Pub, which sounds homey, but is actually kind of clubbish. We stopped by a low key shindig in Fairiew, and after several cocktails, continued on to the Anchor, where I consumed several more cocktails, schmoozed some more, danced a lot for the first time in ages, and watched my high school bud hook up with a newly divorced classmate. Good times.

Sunday I didn't even pretend to get out of bed until 2 or 3.
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