lonelydumptruck (lonelydumptruck) wrote,

T-minus 28 hours to vacation.

We're going on vacation tomorrow night.(with relatives, so whether it's actually a vacation or not is debatable)

I haven't really started packing yet, but I've started thinking about packing. It's a process. So far, I'm bringing four pairs of shoes, and a sport coat, and a hoodie. more to follow.

Work has been interesting and stressful, as I swim upstream against the flow of bureaucracy to try to clear my desk so I can be gone for a whole week. Most people are going to be gone part or all of next week too, so there is not much with the stressing.

I'm reminded of a passage from Neuromancer about the importance of keeping a balance between moving too slow and sinking to the bottom, and moving too fast, breaking the fragile surface tension of our little pond, and being destroyed by the powers that be.

The weeks before and after I go on vacation are the most stressful of the year, since I try to do two weeks of work before I go, but work piles up anyway while I'm gone. I work for a large mortgage lender, but I'm kind of like a case worker, so although someone will be covering for me, they won't work that shit like I will, because they're working their own shit at the same time.

I'm down to the last day, I've gotten a lot done, and no matter what happens tomorrow, I'm going on vacation at the end of the day, and nothing will change that.

Two pairs of shorts? or is that tempting disaster?
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